Buckle Basics 101

All Blue Ribbon Buckle Lockets and accessories are dreamt, designed, and developed in the USA.

Blue Ribbon Buckle Lockets and Holster designs are regarded as jewelry and are to be treated with care.

Buckle Lockets and accessories are embellished with crystals from Swarovski®.

BRBCo. repurposes only authenticated premium brands.

Your Buckle Locket is the finale of your ensemble and one of your first accessories to remove.

Keep aerosols, perfumes, and colognes directly away from your Buckle Locket and Holster design.

Limit the exposure of your Buckle Locket and Holster design to direct heat and sunlight.

Keep your Buckle Locket and Holster design dry. Avoid contact with liquids.

All Blue Ribbon products are nickel and lead free.

All Buckle Lockets are designed with commercial grade magnets and have an initial 2.50 LB magnetic pull.

The Buckle Locket frame is manufactured with the strongest of industrial glass on the market.

All Blue Ribbon Buckle Lockets are functionable and are designed to be opened for additional customization.

The Buckle Locket is magnetically interchangeable. 

For the exterior maintenance of your Buckle Locket, use a clean piece of suede, a microfiber glass cleaning cloth, or dampened cotton cloth.

When not in use, keep the Holster design in its original packaging sleeve or comparable protection.

Use a snap-button belt strap with your Blue Ribbon Buckle Locket.