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BRBCo. appreciates the diversity of the talented independent artists who collectively create at our round table.

ashleyAshley Smith is a graphic designer and illustrator from Clovis, who is pursuing her bachelor's degree as well as more personal projects than any one person has time for! She enjoys watching cartoons and playing video games in her spare time, and draws much of her inspiration from these, music, nature and romance.

"Something about me that most people don't know is that if I weren't an artist, I would love to pursue a career in crime scene investigation! I love watching detective shows, and consider myself a great detective as well. What makes me most happy is getting to spend time with my boyfriend, Ryan, who always makes me laugh. Three things I am grateful for are the internet and it's vast tools of knowledge, puppies, and autumn weather. What I like most about being at the "round table" is getting to share and explore my personal artistic aesthetic within a brand that shares the same style. My best advice for others is to never give up on your dreams, and if you aren't surrounded with people who will support those dreams, kick them to the curb!"

chadlowe_portrait (1)Chad Lowe is a graphic designer, illustrator, and web nerd living in Los Angeles. He creates with several mediums and specializes in print and digital design but loves to get his hands dirty with all things visual. In the few moments he has outside of design, he likes to travel and explore natural settings to broaden his perspective on the world. He often finds himself doodling, playing instruments, video gaming, and tending to pets and plants.

"Most people don't know that I used to compose and arrange music intended for orchestras, but my fascination with visual art is what leads my life now. I am most grateful for coffee, artists who continue to inspire me and fuel my imagination, and the people who continue to support those who love to create. Being a part of the Blue Ribbon round table allows creativity to foster while collaborating with some great folks. Allow people to express their interest in what you do, and be as excellent to yourself as you are to others."

IMG_20150301_124905Jovahnni Gordon is a college student from the San Joaquin Valley obtaining a degree in psychology and fine arts. She enjoys the practice of culinary arts and literature.

"Something about me that most people don't know is that I enjoy observing a wide variety of cemeteries. What makes me happy and creates euphoria is: long walks, nature, children, family, and my significant other. I am most grateful for each new day; it gives me the opportunity to improve myself, have time with family, and it gives me the ability to engage in experiences on a multitude of  levels. What I enjoy most about being a part of the Blue Ribbon team is having time to work with an individual that I am very close to (bonding with my Mom), and it's a great outlet for my creativity. Though people have their whole life to figure it all out, my advice to others is to make an effort in making your dreams reality, and don't let anything hold you back from your goals. Anything that excites you, should also scare you."

Ryan currently moving into a new office space.

Wendy Ozburn is a Momma, Grandma (AKA – Sunny G), a member of the United States Air National Guard, an advocate for women's empowerment, and Founder, Owner, and Creative Director of Blue Ribbon Buckle Co. residing in the beautiful San Joaquin Valley. She thinks creatively, apply ideas, and crushes goals to develop a reputable and prosperous business built on her company's mission: To continue to live with gratitude and purpose – building a brand centered on functional art and the importance of individual uniqueness.

"One thing you may not know about me is that after giving birth to my first daughter, my time here on earth would have been cut short if not for God's intervention. I enjoy the moments I am blessed to have to make long lasting memories with family and friends. Three things I am grateful for is to have been born to a good woman living in the USA, the men and women who keep law and order in this country, and to have some really great people in my corner. Being at Blue's round table allows for all of our individual creative strengths to come together as a whole - which I love, because we're all equally important. My team is always teaching me a thing or two, and their success is my success. Some of my best advice: Be a positive person, take risks, compromise - but don't compromise yourself, do more than what is required, be humble, cut out the naysayers, Be your own Jones™, and believe in the process - faith plus hard work does pay off!"


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