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As the founder of BRBCo.™, there is no secret that I do things a little less conventional, because you can say that I am "different". I’ve grown to embrace my authentic self; by being true to this and having an imagination with no boundaries, it has completely originated who and where I am today. So, be original..."Be your own Jones"™, because my company would not exist and thrive without it!

Before any other title, I am “Momma” to two of my very own Blue Ribbon beauties — my daughters. These ladies not only keep me on my toes, they keep a close eye on my next move, so it’s imperative that I always make it count - this includes keeping my word and planting good seed. My daughters are the fuel to my fire!

I want to make good of the blessings I’ve been given. To fulfill my meticulous creativity, I founded Blue Ribbon Buckle Co. in 2011; and to make the most of having an able body, a willing mind, and the privilege to freedom, in 2012 I enlisted in the United States Armed Forces.

There’s been many times when I've had to forgo the feeling of being comfortable, but it's only in these times that I have grown the most. Going through the forging process has given me a stronger faith, more patience, resiliency, and has made me more grateful.

The servitude and sacrifice of our US military men and women gives us freedom, freedom gives us the privilege to exercise freewill, and freewill gives us choice. I choose to be remembered by leaving a story that moves and motivates my children, their children, my community, and our country. -wo


The Beginning of Blue

Creativity has always come easy for me; it’s in my writing and in every medium I’ve ever worked with.

I could never limit myself to using just one area of my imagination. By having no limits, I was notorious for going in every direction — never finishing the journey.

No doubt that Michelle (AKA Goldie) came into my life as a Divine Appointment. She gave me a gift which in turn inspired me to develop an innovative belt buckle. It was her words, “I’d totally rock that!”, that solidified my belt buckle idea. Goldie, a teacher and coach, was able to keep this “free spirit” moving forward with focus.

Taking one idea has not limited my imagination. As the founder of Blue Ribbon Buckle Co.®, I am able to use my talents and life-acquired skills on an immeasurable level.

Laboring my love for my company has been one of the most challenging, yet most fulfilling,  journeys thus far. -wo


Vicki and I Huggin_edited-3Who is Vicki Lynn?

I met Vicki Lynn (who is very much a real person) through a mutual employer in the year of 2002.

Vicki was well known for her smile, laughter, and ability to exemplify The Golden Rule. She was the pinnacle of customer service, and the entire company appreciated her.

Prior to pursuing entrepreneurship and my military career, we worked together for 10 years. We built a great friendship all while collecting many memories!

I went through a long period of adversity, and Vicki Lynn was there for me. I never had to ask; she saw my need and selflessly extended herself. She gave me peace, and she gave me hope.

Vicki Lynn, Blue Ribbon's Brand Ambassador, is my infinite “thank you” and tribute to her. Not only does she represent “The Best of the Best”, she represents what it means to be a true friend and a compassionate human being. -wo


Thankful For My True Blues



: completely faithful and loyal to a person or an idea

God (Faithful Companion) — for your sufficient grace, for loving me, for your patience, for freedom, for health, for my family and my friendships, and for leading the way (when I could see...and when I couldn’t).

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28 KJV).

Anita (Mama) — for giving my girls and I "home base" where we always can find your unconditionally love, for your friendship, for your support, for lending an ear (or a shoulder), for allowing me to learn (even if it hurt).

Maddison & Jovahnni (Daughters) — for loving me, for being patient, for never giving up on me, for believing in me, for seeing me first as a person aside from the 'Mom”, for being good daughters - people to be proud of, for always being able to turn my clouds into sunshine (making me laugh), and for all my hugs. I will always be your Wonder Woman.

Chad (Graphic & Web Designer) — for your friendship, for your professionalism and doing business by "The Golden Rule", for your remarkable creative skills, for giving me peace of mind - delivering the vision.

Diane (Forever Friend) — for over 30 years - my dearest friend (we sure have shared a lot), for being my “board of advisor” and my righthand woman, for taking the time to listen, for valuing me, for all of your hugs, for keeping me accountable, and for your unwavering support and encouragement.

Isabella (That Casting Place) — for being my initial point of contact and taking the “impossible” to possible, for your expertise, for your relentless patience, for your collaboration, and for your mentorship.

Kelly (Big Cuz) & Auntie Vie — for your love, for supporting my dream, for making your home - my home, for your encouragement and enthusiasm, and for showing me you care (making sure I get icecream and rest).

Lisa (Sis) — for your unyielding friendship, for showing you care, for being selfless, for your encouragement, for being supportive, for being proud of me, and for being a light in my life, for helping me pick up "the pieces", and for always making sure I have something to eat.

Michelle (Goldie) — for your friendship, for being at church on Saturday morning, for inspiring me to go beyond the ordinary, for keeping me on track and focused, for supporting my dreams, and for “rock’n the buckle"!

Ryan (Product Engineer) — for your friendship, for your impressive technical talent, for the countless continued hours of making the vision reality, for your patience, and for seeing Blue through.

Tina (Soul Sister) — for your friendship, for knowing my heart and seeing it’s worth, for your faith in me and my product (since the beginning), for your support and enthusiasm, for being proud of me, and for assisting in the fruition of Blue.

Vicki (Vicki Lynn) — for being a true friend, for your love, for taking action, for being a bold and strong woman, and for being a positive role model to my girls and to me.


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