All About Blue

Blue Ribbon Buckle Co. (BRBCo.) is an American handcrafted buckle and accessory company.

What was once a vision with no foundation is now the cornerstone of hard work and passion that is filled with an immense amount of creativity and collective talent!

BRBCo.'s feature product is the Buckle Locket. It offers both the functionality of a standard belt buckle with the added value of an interchangeable locket! Buckle wearers have the liberty and convenience to quickly change the exterior AND interior look of their buckle.

Belt buckles have been around since the 1600s. Today, we not only wear our buckles conventionally, we wear them as fashion statements, memorials, trophies, collector pieces and as commemoratives. With BRBCo.’s Buckle Locket, a person can literally wear their own mobile display case!

Anyone for any reason can own a Blue Ribbon buckle; it’s the person who makes a statement, the CEO who wants that perfect corporate gift, the sister in her standout sorority, the commander who commemorates his/her servicemen/woman, the bride who wants something special for her wedding party, the person dedicated to their cause, the person who wants to give that not-so-ordinary birthday present, the person who wears “every” holiday, the person who wants to show a “thank you”, the outfitter, the enthusiast - from an apple collector, bicyclist, coffee lover….all the way to the zebra-print fashionista. So, if your style is Western, Mainstream, Hipster, Alternative, Urban, Hip Hop, Indie, or Haute matter how you express yourself, our designs are completely original and unique - like you!



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